Kulakov shares the blessings of paying 30% tithe

ASIThe keynote address was given by David Kulakov from Russia.  He kept the audience spellbound as he shared the challenges and highlights of his life in the former Soviet Union.  Coming from a family with a rich Adventist heritage, he was expected to go into the ministry, but somehow God led him instead into the business world.  At one stage in his life he felt the need to be cleansed from negative youthful influences and desired to fully resemble Christ’s character.  This led him to write out the Bible by hand, a project that took him two and a half years (800 hours). He also deeply studied the writings of Ellen White.  Armed with the wisdom from these 2 sources, he felt burdened to develop leadership materials.  He initially offered free training to Adventists in Russia, but later decided to make his courses accessible to business people.  This he did by taking the exact same principles from his ‘spiritual’ presentations and replacing them with business terminology.  Thus he teaches the Bible indirectly.

A touching part of his story was his decision to give more of his means to God and those in need.  This led him to tithe 30% of his gross income – equally distributed to tithe, offerings and a charity fund. God blessed his business tremendously.  When the economic crisis, which started in 2008, hit Russia, causing the decline of many local businesses, Kulakov’s company grew five times.  He was even able to successfully open other businesses during that difficult period.  God’s promises once again proved true.  He currently has a 2-year waiting list to get onto his courses.  Kulakov believes that true success only comes in partnership with God.