1. Profit-making organisational membership which further subdivides into:

  • Corporate (40+ employees)
  • Large companies (26-39 employees)
  • Medium enterprises (10-25 employees)
  • Small enterprises (2-9 employees)

2. Non-profit making organisational members which include supporting ministries
3. Professionals at entry, middle and senior management levels, who render a professional service, and are gainfully employed
4. And persons who seek to start businesses and  supporting ministries

ASI Membership Requirements


  • Organisational membership is available to organisations which meet the following requirements:
    • Have at least two full time workers, which may include the owner
    • Must have been in an operation for at least one year
    • Are owned and controlled by a Seventh-day Adventist lay person
  • A lay person who owns and controls an organisation and does not receive any salary from any Seventh-day Adventist organisation
  • Organisational membership is available to supporting ministries who comply with the General Conference Working Policy K 0505
  • Membership is granted to members on condition of being a member in good standing in the Seventh-day Adventist Church