To foster empowerment of ASI members, and provide challenge, nurture and experience in sharing Christ in the marketplace as well as support the God-given end-time mission of the Seventh – day Adventist church.


ASI will be known for:

  • Provision of development opportunities enabling ASI members to excel in the ministry of service to God and fellow-men.
  • Transformation of Adventist businesses and professions so that they fulfill their unique role as God’s helping hands and agents of God’s end-time mission.
  • Revitalization and regeneration of local communities so that they could be self-reliant.

ASI Statement of Purpose

    • Promote the development of Adventists privately- owned institutions and enterprises in the SAUC.
    • Encourage partnership between church institutions and such privately-owned institutions and enterprises for the furtherance of the gospel.
    • Uphold standards and objectives of the Seventh-Day Adventist church.
    • Assist with mission projects supportive of the Seventh – Day Adventist church.
    • Foster professional development opportunities and initiatives, mentorship programmes, skills training, etc., in order to better serve God and man.

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