• Jerome Linderboom
    President Function: Provides executive and strategic leadership to the organisation; advises on policy direction; upholds the constitution and the policies of the Read More
  • Dr Themba Sirayi
    General Vice President
    General Vice President Function: Provides strategic support to ASI and oversee execution of ASI projects. Themba Sirayi holds a doctorate in Read More
  • Prof Barwa Kanyane
    VP Professional Services
    VP Professional Services Function: Fosters professional development and mobilizes professionals for ministry Modimowabarwa has established himself over years as a renowned Read More
  • Sam Alexander
    VP: Business Development
    VP: Business Development Function:  Advises on business development interventions and fosters business ministry Sam Alexander is a man of passion, who Read More
  • Ll’wellyn Swart
    VP: Finance
    VP: Finance Function: Ensures ASI maintains financial health Ll’wellyn was born in an Adventist home and grew up in Gauteng.  After Read More
  • Shandrell Penniken
    VP: Communications & Marketing
    VP: Communications & Marketing Function:  Develops and executes a communications and marketing strategy for ASI. Shandrell Penniken has a BA Theology Read More
  • Dr Alvin Masarira
    VP: Northern Conference Chapter
    VP: Northern Conference Chapter Function: Heads up recruitment in the Northern Conference Alvin Masarira is a professional civil/structural engineer and holds Read More
  • Brian Hall
    VP: KwaZulu Natal Free State Conference Chapter
    VP: KwaZulu Natal Free State Conference Chapter Function: Heads up recruitment in the KNFC Brian Hall is a qualified diesel and Read More