The Conference for Adventism, Society and Social Development (CASSD), held from 29 Nov – 2 Dec 2013 at Helderberg College, is an evangelistic tool that brings together Adventist scholars, researchers, business people and professionals to share their expertise on the challenges of modern society, enabling the church to respond such challenges through effective evangelistic strategies.  For more info and to register

6 thoughts on “The Conference on Adventism, Society & Sustainable Development (CASSD)

  1. Circumstances that precluded my participation in CASSD 2013 remain very lamentable. However, I do look forward to gain insight into the conference content so as to help to carry forth initiatives for sustainable development in Southern-Africa. In fact, as Church member I already pray to contribute practically by means of a 4×4 Africa Peace & Development Expedition from 25 August to 28 September 2014, God willing. Thank you to ASI-SAU.

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