Are you too BUSY?  Find out what BUSY stands for?

Ps. Hensley Moorooven, in his morning devotionals, shared how business people can get so busy that life becomes unbalanced (see Mark 6:31).  The solution, he proposed, was to spend time in the presence of the Father and ensure that they do not become BUSY (Being Under Satan’s Yoke).  Furthermore, in the context of the story of Lazarus (John 11) he remarked that busy people hate delays, but gave the reassurance that “Jesus does not always come when we need Him, but always comes on time.”

 Does God need our contributions to accomplish His plans?

Dr. Paul Charles in his characteristically animated style gave a fresh perspective to the theme of the convention, ‘Partnering with God.’  He said that “we should remember that God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.  As such, He does not depend on our ‘goodwill’ contributions to accomplish His plans.  Therefore an invitation to partner with Him is a privilege with the potential of tremendous blessing.”


Dr. Keith Burton shared some powerful messages at the convention.  Here are 2 of them:

  1. The Cost of Your Benefit. Based on Luke 9:23, this message encouraged listeners to conduct a spiritual inventory of their lives as they assessed whether they have truly denied self, taken up their cross and followed Christ.
  2. Revising Your Resume. Based on Micah 6:5-8, this message is a reminder that every Christian professional’s spiritual resume should reflect the life of one who has learned to live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

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