To Prospective ASI members


I am pleased that you are considering becoming a part of our dedicated Adventist lay ministry leaders-professionals as well as businessmen and women.

Membership in ASI is exciting and rewarding; you will experience this as you become involved. I believe that you will find something in the organization that will assist you in becoming active witnesses in your marketplace.

ASI is totally committed to the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Therefore, the members of ASI are supportive lay persons and ministries that have a common mission with the church.

Read the application information and then complete the form. Please return your completed membership form to:

ASI Office,
P.O.Box 59,
114 Campbell Street,
Fort Beaufort, 5720,
Tel: 046 645 2490,
Fax: 086 244 1674,
If your organization is a supporting ministry, applying for membership in ASI, complete accompanying copy of the guidelines of supporting ministries and append your signature confirming that your ministry operates in harmony with these guidelines.

ASI is enthusiastic about lay people devoted to sharing Christ. I look forward to receiving your application for membership very soon.

Prof. Themba Sirayi